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Sean is the content creator behind Flatlanders In….Beyond just his love for travel, he enjoys combing through hundreds of photos, writing blog posts, and keeping up with our social media audience.

Sean is the content creator and photographer behind Flatlanders In...

While certainly not a professional photographer, he enjoys spending time behind the lens and capturing the moments that can make a trip so special. His focus, though, is to snap the moment without disrupting the experience.

Sean is a Colorado native who’s family moved to Kansas to escape the smog and dying economy of Denver in the 1980’s. He grew up skiing and hiking in the Rockies, but then shifted his focus to scouting, camping, and outdoor survival as a Boy Scout in Kansas.

He is an Eagle Scout and a graduate of Brownsea 22, a scouting survival and leadership training experience. He considers himself a bit of a survivalist, carrying the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” into his adult life.

With every trip that we share, Sean’s goal is to help others see the adventure, with the goal of helping you determine whether this might be a trip or experience that you’d like to do. Sean will focusing on sharing tips that include:

  • Driving or navigating experiences at the destination
  • Tips or “nuggets” of knowledge that he thinks would be important to making the trip more enjoyable
  • Recommendations on gear, including technology, photography, and any clothing or gear options that would be valuable to men
  • Tips that other photographers might consider during their visit (types of wildlife, recommendations on what to bring, etc…)

Sean loves the outdoors and anything adventurous!

Once we start the trip, Sean’s job is to get us to our different adventures while documenting the journey. His goal is to help you see what it’s like to visit the destination, take part in the local experiences, engage with the people who live there, and visualize the scenery.

His goal is to help you make decisions that would make your trip more enjoyable.

Sean loves the adventure of travel and will try just about anything...once.

One interesting thing to note about Sean is that he is a little nutty when it comes to adventure.

  • Bungee jumping? Yes, please.
  • Zip-lining? Definitely!
  • Whitewater rafting? Let’s go!!!

While he definitely enjoys a quiet day by the pool, he loves to do things that others are too afraid to try. Who knows, maybe his experiences will inspire you to try something outside of your comfort zone.

If you have any questions for Sean about his experiences, recommendations, or gear be sure to reach out via our contact form and be sure to note that this is “A Question For Sean” in your comment.

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